Paintings, blending art and value, enrich spaces. With various styles and sizes, they can be conversation starters, focal points, or investments. Each, from new artists or masters, has a unique story and emotional impact. More than decor, paintings are visual storytelling and aesthetic portals, offering ownership of creativity.

“Floral Mystery” 40x40cm

2.399.- kr.

“Colourful Mountain” 45x60cm

1.899.- kr. – SOLD

“Floral Drama” 30x40cm

1.200.- kr – SOLD

Custom Painting – Choose your own

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We believe in capturing timeless moments at your special occasions with loved ones. When you look back and see the photographs, you get a chance to re-experience people’s smile, warmth, and laughter.

Astrid Støvring-Hallsson

Founder of – A Creation

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